Hi, I'm Adrián Ramos and I'm a freelance translator from Spain.

Adrián Ramos (Burela, 1990). Based in A Coruña, Spain. I am a freelance translator. I have studied the BA in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Vigo, Spain, and then I moved to Brussels and Porto for a year and a half to complete my studies and start my professional career.

I am specialized on audiovisual and gastronomic translation. My languages are English, Portuguese, Spanish and Galician. Starting my career as a freelance translator in 2018, I offer my services with honesty, responsibility and professionalism.


My Services.


I try to ensure your voice is clearly heard and perfectly understood. Assuring a perfect translation with no mistakes, using the proper words and making clear your message. Quality translation on literary and gastronomic texts, audiovisual and sports content.


I can help you to deliver your message in an extremely helpful way, reviewing as many times as needed to provide the best outcome. My job is to turn a good text in the perfect text.


I can provide perfectly synchronized subtitles to your videos, documentaries, films and shows using the right tools to deliver your content in a more efficient way.



Tel: +34 600 333 142


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